Sunday Photo Fiction – September 24th 2017

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2012 09 September 24th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

The short collars don’t get dirty and yellowed anymore.

Gone is the irritatingly hideous touch of slow burning sweaty droplets trickling down starched white shirts, the pungent smell staying with you long after an angry sun has closed shop for the day.

Missing too are the sight of mouth watering mangoes and blood red water melons; the young and not so young no longer await their turn to lick into delectable ice creams.

But then all that’s something nobody minds so terribly as what awaits is simply wondrous.

As the clichéd lines go, ‘It’s in the air’.

You can feel it in the slight early morning chill as you walk by neighborhoods swathed in a pastel green; the smiles are back in peoples’ faces; there is a soporific lightness in the air all around you that goads one to tuck away under warm sheets, stealing an extra six winks without the accompaniment of soul searing guilt.

All around there is a refreshing openness__be it in the skies above or the earth below.

It’s official: summer’s over, autumn’s here.

If so, can spring be far behind.

The air will soon be filled with romance.

Pity, all I have are but memories.

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15 thoughts on “neelwrites/deadleaves/spf/200words/flashfiction/25/09/2017

  1. Autumn, spring. I think someone forgot winter. 😉

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    1. Where i come from winters are fast going the dodo way.

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      1. The opposite here. We’re supposed to have another cold, snowy winter, only this time, my son and grandson won’t be around to help me shovel the driveway and sidewalks. Oy.


      2. Guess we should swap regions.

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  2. A sad last line. Funny how the season’s changing affects different parts of the world – here in Scotland Summer is never warm enough and thee Autumn signals the temperature dropping too far and long months of darkness ahead! Nice writing.


    1. Different places, different seasons. Thanks Kelly.

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  3. michael1148humphris

    So many interesting lines, but it is sad that the mangoes and water melons have gone.


    1. That’s what some seasons do to people. Thanks Michael.


  4. I liked the poetic quality of this almost weeping piece

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    1. Thanks a lot, CR. Coming from you it means a lot.


  5. A sad ending, but beautifully written. Well done.

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  6. Sometimes memories are the best part. Good story Neel


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