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September 21: Flash Fiction Challenge

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By Neel Anil Panicker

All his life Ramprasad had been a gardener.

While others of his age and village had long traded the ‘bland’ rural environs for the bold charms of the big city, he had stuck around, preferring to tend to his garden.

Every morning he would set to work, sickle in hand, bagfuls of seeds and manure, digging the earth, soiling his hands, toiling from dawn to dusk, unmindful of the changing weather patterns that played hide and seek on his bent frame.

Flamingo Flower

His reward: a harvest of rose petaled Red Water Lilies, heart shaped Himalayan Typhoniums, and smiles from passersby.

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6 thoughts on “neelwrites/theharvest/flashfiction/shortstory/99words/September 21: Flash Fiction Challenge/22/09/2017

  1. His reward is worth the efforts that he has put in. A true son of the soil is Ramprasad. Now corporate young turks are returning to the farms on a part-time basis. There is hope.


    1. It is called reverse engineering. Going back to our roots is the new mantra. Thanks Kalps.


  2. Beauty is as worthy of cultivation as anything else. It feeds our souls.

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    1. It is the purest of all rewards along with compassion and love.


  3. A worthy harvest. Well done.


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