Sunday Photo Fiction – September 10th 2017

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211 09 September 10th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

It was supposed to be their dream house. Their retirement nest. A house by the river. Add spectacular views of the early sun as it snakes past the narrow slits of exotic palm leaves, gently splashing its orange tinged red rays through diaphanous curtains on still sleepy residents safely tucked under silken bedsheets; add the very same rays receding behind lofty snow capped mountains while giving way to spectacular moonlit nights; add the gentle swirling of the crystal clear waters as it lullabies you to sleep.

Add all this, and what you get is bliss; nirvana; happiness to the power of infinity.

Alas! That was not to be. Mrs and Mr Sood’s dreams of settling down and spending the golden years of their remaining lives in Villa Paradise, (that’s what they had christened their utopia, their comfy house by the river) quickly turned to dust.

One fine morning the lady woke up to find her husband of half a century dead on the bed, the spent cartridge of a .303 bullet lay beside him.

‘They’ll come, they always come’ he used to mumble around, something she would dismiss as signs of the onset of dementia.

She peers into the muddy waters below.

‘You’re right. Always were. Spies never had it easy.’

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10 thoughts on “neelwrites/blastfromthepast/SPF/fiction/shortstory/11/09/2017

  1. My interpretation is that he committed suicide because he didn’t want to live with dementia.

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    1. Wow! that’s new and i seriously didn’t think about it. It just shows that one can have as many interpretations to a story as there are readers. Thanks James.

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  2. Ah, Neel, out of light comes darkness. It seems one can never escape the past. Superbly crafted, my friend.

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    1. None can escape from one’s past. Thanks Ceayr for such fulsome praise.


  3. Mike

    For me he was in the spy industry, and his past caught up with him.

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    1. That’s what I had envisaged too. Thanks Mike.

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  4. Quite a blast indeed. You can never leave the spy game behind. Nice one.

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    1. No wonder the past has a way of catching up on you. Thanks Kelly for the appreciation.

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  5. You can never lose the past. Alas, Mr Sood knew his time would come. Good story Neel.


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