Sunday Photo Fiction – September 3rd 2017

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Sunday Photo Fiction – September 3rd 2017



210 09 September 3rd 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

As the armoured tank raced past the streets of Delhi, Captain Dharmesh Mahajan allowed his thoughts to wander back in time nine months ago.

A new recruit to the elite Military Engineering Services of the Indian Army he was being shown around his new unit.

He watched intently as a twenty something the tank loader picked up a Target Practice Tracer round and loaded it into the breech.

‘Fire,’ barked the tank commander, a thick set, moustachioched man.

Enclosed inside the tank capsule and out of sight, the gunner fired the gun and the breech block slided backward—straight toward the camera—ejecting the casing.

“Very soon human gun loaders will go the way of the dodo. They take up precious space, you see. Besides, the mechanical ones need not be paid.”

Mahajan looked at his Commanding Officer amusedly.

As Mahajan raced his M1 Abrams tank along the National Highway, he murmured to himself,  “Besides, they don’t behave like a Cupid-struck lovelorn and take off in a jiffy to meet their Valentine several hundred miles away.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/humanloveloader/spf/fiction/shortstory/04/09/2017

  1. Haha I love it. No need to stop at red lights or traffic jams to get to his love


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