Poisson-Blanc, Quebec

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Over a 100 km of waterways to lose yourself in; charmingly small campsites hidden under pine forests, pristine beaches to bathe in sheer cold waters and stunning landscapes that are a visual fiesta.

The Notre-Dame-du-Laus at this time of the year is a hullabalooza of campers.

Larocque’s corner store is teeming with holidayers eager to buy themselves a day’s fishing permit.

But a seasonal permit?

Well people do buy them, especially the off campers, the ones who come all alone and love escaping the harsh summers wherever they come from; the quieter, serious loner types who’ve sacrificed themselves to the pleasures of forgetting and getting lost in the arms of Mother Nature.

But a double seasonal pass? That too advance payment? That was strange.

Alfred’s eyes went aglow.

He left his vantage point at Julie’s, and trailed the man as he thrust the stamped blue piece of paper into his baggy shorts and made his down the to the river front.

None would care if this man disappeared, he surmised.

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19 thoughts on “neelwrites/manfishing/whatpegmansaw/poisson-blanc-quebec/shortstory/03/09/2017

  1. This is very well written Neel with a lovely idea of what the place is like, the feel of it with the holidaymakers. I’m wondering though, why Albert wants to kill the man who bought the double season ticket? Am I missing something?

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    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation Lynn. Al is a serial killer who targets loners and backpackers. So a double season ticket holder signifies that this person is there on a long haul vacation which means that Al can plan his kill and none will be aware of the murder for a long time, or never ever. That’s what he he hopes and thinks.

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      1. Chilling planning there, Neel. But of course, many killers are methodical. Well spun tale

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  2. Great story. Love especially the sinister ending.

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  3. Wonderfully written and such a twist. I’m breathless!

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  4. Jelli

    That is definitely full of intrigue. Left me wanting to read more, to know why he’d bought a double pass. Good one!

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  5. The panoramic view at the beginning, from our serial killer, shows his methodical nature. Has the feel of something much larger and grander, Neel. Well done for shoe-horning this into 150 words for us to read.

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  6. There’s something about an isolated wood that simply invites serial killers and blood-thirsty monsters, isn’t there?

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  7. Neel, I do believe this is one of your best pieces. So serene and lovely then BAM serial killer. Nicely done.

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    1. Oh! That’s quite a compliment, Alicia. Thanks a lot.

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  8. Yeeks! Nice one. A “monster” in paradise.


  9. Dear Neel,

    Oh dear. From idyllic to sinister. Well done.



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  10. Michael B. Fishman

    I think Alfred is planning himself the perfect little crime! But I also wonder what the mysterious man buying the double season pass has in mind? This was a fun story, Neel. There were a couple of typos you could clean up if you ever decided to do more with the story.


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