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1 September 2017


By Neel Anil Panicker                   (word count: 99 words)

The man looked askance at the promontory spread out before him.

Who would believe that a mere 90 days ago it was a wild swampy mangrove.

Each cell, a mere 13.5ft by 7.5ft, comprised a 6ft by 3ft wooden bed. A  barred 3 feet by 1 feet grate served as the sole ventilation.

Richard Carnac Temple, chief commissioner of the Andamans, turned to his aide.

“Week one all prisoners to be manacled, hung upside down from wooden pegs, flogged, and force fed gruel riddled with crushed lizards. A fate worse than the hangman’s noose awaits those who do survive.”

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Inside Cellular Jail: the horrors and torture inflicted the Raj on India’s political activists


25 thoughts on “neelwrites/kalapani/FF/99words/historicalfiction/31/08/2017

  1. Terrifying. I suspect all those held there didn’t deserve such torture either.

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    1. Yes, Kalapani is a very dark chapter in India’s history and is a proof of what bestiality exists in this world.

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  2. Kalapani – Great write, Neel.

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  3. The inmates of Celluar Jail, Port Blair, Andamans were tortured and those who survived there faced hell everyday. no doubt it was reffered to as ,’Sazza-e-kaalapani’. Good theme, Neel.

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  4. Dale

    What a most horrid place. And I bet no one really deserved to be there…

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  5. michael1148humphris

    I could not press the like button. For there have been and continue to be such evil people who seem to live to hurt those who are independent thinkers

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  6. Terrifying and horrific. What lengths we went to…go to… to show our fear and hate for each other. Thanks, Neil for being brave enough to voice this in fiction.

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  7. Moon

    A great take , Neel.

    And , as always, very well written.

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  8. Jelli

    A very interesting take on this prompt, Neel. Don’t even want to imagine the tortures of these poor souls you brought to life for us. Great writing.

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  9. Kalapaani – one of the worst nightmares our freedom fighters had to go through. Well-written, Neel.

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    1. Yes, how can we ever forget it. Thanks.


  10. How can human beings stoop so low? It seems the devil himself fuels the minds of some people. And the worse of it is: those people usually push their way into positions of power.


  11. Dear Neel,

    I’ll never understand how humans can treat each other so. Like Michael said, this is a hard one to ‘like.’ As with other stories of cruelty and injustice, this one needs to be told. Thank you.



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    1. Bestial indeed are the cruelties inflicted by one man on another. Thanks Rochelle.


  12. Beyond understanding. True stories are often far more bizarre than fiction. This is unbearably sad, and horrible.


  13. gahlearner

    This fate is so horrible, it makes me sick. Your writing, on the other hand, is excellent.


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