Three Line Tales, Week 82

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three line tales week 82: a very long skeleton

By Neel Anil Panicker

Sleep was an anathema as for the next few hours Ali thought hard and long, running over in his mind a multitude of escape plans, and then slowly discarding them all, one by one, for their sheer impracticality.

As dawn threatened to break through and his fate seemed all but sealed Ali stared into the red bricked walls of his prison, his eyes transfixed on the antics of a lizard that slid in and out of the walls without a care in the world.

For a long time he stared at the reptile, and then suddenly, as if seized by a brain wave, he extricated his phone and stabbed a message, “Meet outside chamber. Get some pythons, live ones. Also carry extra veil…ILU”.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/ThreeLineTales/fiction/25/08/2017

  1. Ah, a daring escape plan, just in time (I hope) — and with snakes too, bonus!

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