Three Line Tales, Week 80

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three line tales week 80: a blue old school VW camper van

photo by Annie Theby via Unsplash


By Neel Anil Panicker

Rahul had clearly missed the bus.

Hurtling down the wrong side of forty, the senior accounts assistant could teach a thing or two to every newbie in town; at last count his office had recruited not less than 20 of them, all with fancy  CA prefixed to their names, and it was sadly ironical that all these greenhorns partook of fat cat eight figure dollar salaries despite coming to him for resolution of all their problems, doubts, issues et al.

But then harsh reality struck Rahul and he realized that they had something that he didn’t have and never ever could even dream of possessing__the art of knowing which side of the bread needs to be buttered.

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5 thoughts on “neelwrites/ThreeLineTales/fiction/bus/117words/10/08/2017

  1. talent, experience and the art of buttering the right side of bread are all the rungs of the ladder to reach up there. sad that the art is garnering importance.

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    1. Very true, Kalps. The world is full of people with vested interests; those who place a very premium on sycophantic attributes and greasing others’ palms to hack their way to the top.


  2. And which palms to grease too, no doubt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very rightly said, Jane.


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