Sunday Photo Fiction – August 6th 2017

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12 J Hardy Carroll 06 August 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Singh looked across the street to the red bricked boxed row of apartments; small pint sized ‘hole in the wall’ residential flats.

It was a lower middle class suburb at the northern end of the urban sprawl that is Kolkata__a largely peaceful Muslim majority area barring the occasional street skirmishes come the month of Ramzan.

He turned his gaze to the street below. Parked were bikes and cars, mostly hatchbacks, the odd SUVs too; clothes hung out of balconies; mothers were admonishing their young ones, pleading, cajoling, a few even warning them  to head back home, signalling end of playtime__a regular evening not unlike one that plays out in any Indian suburb.

“How on earth could this place turn into a terrorist hub,”? pondered Inspector Singh as he relayed in his mind the message that had flashed in the Special Crime Branch internal website.

Marked ‘Private & For Your Eyes Only’, the colour coded message read,

Three dreaded terrorists, suspected to be of Pakistani origin and fully armed, are believed to be holed up in Arya Nagar. Warning: A deadly Mumbai style attack expected.”

A mere fifty metres ahead, the sound of machine guns blasted Inspector Singh’s ears.

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6 thoughts on “neelwrites/SPF/astreetinflames/fiction/199words/08/07/2017

  1. Sounds like a news report. So realistic!


  2. I shudder to think my city was ravaged by the bullets of the insane terrorists.Your post brought back those memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Terror attacks are the most vile of human acts. Thanks for the read and appreciation, Kalpana.


  3. A good story with elements of realism in it. Well done Neel.


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