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1 September 2017


By Neel Anil Panicker                   (word count: 99 words)

The man looked askance at the promontory spread out before him.

Who would believe that a mere 90 days ago it was a wild swampy mangrove.

Each cell, a mere 13.5ft by 7.5ft, comprised a 6ft by 3ft wooden bed. A  barred 3 feet by 1 feet grate served as the sole ventilation.

Richard Carnac Temple, chief commissioner of the Andamans, turned to his aide.

“Week one all prisoners to be manacled, hung upside down from wooden pegs, flogged, and force fed gruel riddled with crushed lizards. A fate worse than the hangman’s noose awaits those who do survive.”

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Inside Cellular Jail: the horrors and torture inflicted the Raj on India’s political activists



Three Line Tales, Week 83

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three line tales, week 83: origami paper cranes on a table

photo by Dev Benjamin via Unsplash

By Neel Anil Panicker

Dear Papa, Waiting for you. Do come home fast. Have prepared some very colourful paper boats. Will be fun when we row them in the waters.

Arnab, drenched to the gills in his office overalls, read the message that flashed on his cellphone; smiled at the innocence of ten-year-olds; and gingerly walked ahead, humming a famous Bollywood rain song, his expectant eyes behind thick rimmed spectacles lightning up brighter than a 100 watt bulb.

It was too late when he saw the gaping mouth of a manhole, and down he went, head first, swallowed by a killer drain, yet another hapless victim drowned in Mumbai’s flash floods.

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Monday’s One-Minute Fiction:

: Week of August 28

Forget Me Not

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Forget me not! That’s what she said when I left for the city.

It’s a new city, new job. Hope you don’t pick up a new girl.

I assured her it would never be the case.

A couple of years later when I returned my dreams had turned into dust.
I found she had married someone else.

It was my turn to tell her__forget me you did.

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