By Neel Anil Panicker

All his life he had refused to take a stand.

It was as if he had no backbone; was a puppet whose strings were pulled by others; others who rode roughshod over him, used and abused him as they went about fulfilling their individual objectives, he being an impotent bystander, a mere instrument, a disposable syringe to be used, abused, and then cruelly discarded as and when they felt like it.

And among these ‘others’ was also his mother whose pathological hatred for her husband, his biological father, manifested itself in he, their only child,  being used as a bargaining tool to gain the upper hand in what could euphemistically be termed as a ‘marriage not made in heaven.’

And then came the day when he saw her dousing him with petrol; his own father.

Seething with maddening rage, she glared with maniacal rage at her husband of thirty years, the matchstick steady in her hands, all set to roast him alive.

That’s when he took a stand, rushed in and smashed the burning flame from her hands, and as a fitting finale to all this, called in the police.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #fiction #sixsentencestories #stand #190words


16 thoughts on “neelwrites/stand/sixsentencestories/19owords/20/07/2017

  1. What a horrible life for all of those in this family! I’m glad he had the courage to do what needed to be done. Hopefully, he was able to find a better and safer place to live.
    Well done.


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