FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 18, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

At first the whispers were faint. So faint that I mistook them for the sound of leaves, leaves rustling against the stony entrance, their swaying propelled by the slight cool breeze that blew in from behind the forest.

I eased myself very carefully behind the rocks, curling my legs together onto the wet, muddy earth,    mindful that even the slightest of sounds would alert whoever it was inside the tunnel.

I held my breath and looked ahead.

“We can’t risk being here for long. Very soon they will be at us.”

A very distinct human voice. A man’s. Probably a  young man’s, I surmised.

‘Yes, you are right, Adil. We can’t hide here for long. It’s time to contact Munna Bhai’.

Another voice.

This time, its owner, a slightly older man; the voice, a bit hoarse, quite similar to the ones that I had heard in the weekly vegetable market a furlong away from where we lived.

A couple of other voices came alive in the form of brief uuhs and hmms.

Crouched behind an ill formed rock, I wondered who these men were, hiding in a dark tunnel in the middle of a forest that was a protected No Zone area.

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For those interested in reading the first part of this story kindly click on this link :



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