FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 11, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Like statues they stood, their sweat drenched bodies transfixed, as if cursed by some evil omen.

With shell shocked eyes they gazed upwards, disbelief and incredulity written all over their over their torturous visages. Time stood still all around; at the town squares, the serpentine bylanes, beside the tall languorous trees that abutted them, around nondescript corner shops, along hospital compounds, and even on the usually busy main road that divided the small town.

As the seconds rolled over into minutes and then trundled onto hours, the initial muted renderings slowly metamorphosed into loud discordant noises, as angry men and women vent their spleen and rained the clouds above with the choicest of invectives.

Their ire was directed towards the second floor Court House building where stood, handcuffed, not quite unlike a common criminal, their once favourite son, their blue eyed boy, the once shy toddler from an impoverished family who grew up to become one of the biggest and most loved stars to have ever shone on the cinematic galaxy.

As the police led him away, the heckling, jostling, elbowing and hooting gave way to ear splitting abuses.

The gathered who had once welcomed his rise to glory with bouquets were now

bidding adieu to his fall to disgrace with brickbats.

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8 thoughts on “neelwrites/thefall/fiction/FFfAW/12/07/2017

  1. It’s always so sad when a star falls; when people turn against the once golden boy. Great story, Neel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, especially when the reason for his downfall is human greed and weaknesses.
      Thanks PJ


  2. The cinematic gloss seems to have peeled off. Audiences who worship the reel stars do not hesitate to heap insults on the hero.

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  3. So disappointing when the real life star fails to live up to their onscreen persona – but that’s humans for you. Nice take Neel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, very true. Thanks Lian.

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  4. As PJ says its always sad when a star falls. Beautifully crafted.

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