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By Neel Anil Panicker

For him, women were just a piece of meat, a 55 kg chunk of gastronomic delicacy to be gorged upon, the ravenous lion that he was.

Once afflicted by the Hunger Syndrome, he would scour the landscape, far and wide, hunting for his  prey, while his victims, the hapless mittens that they were, scampered and scurried about, their terror filled eyes almost popping of their sockets, their fair faces etched in perennial worries.

Egging him on in his ‘Big Game’ pursuits were a dubious bunch of self serving raucous acolytes who were no better than bootlickers, stoking further the embers of his passion as the master raconteur regaled them with salacious details of his despicable ‘conquests’.

And then there were the ubiquitous enemies, those jealous brethren who on bumping into him would simply ask, tongue firmly in cheek, “What’s the score, my friend?”

His rejoinder to that and, one delivered with a straight face and rakish grin, would be a terse,

“Still counting, man.”

He was a player for sure; one who played the game, but definitely not by its rules.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #fiction #sixsentencestories  #182words


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