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By Neel Anil Panicker

He’s coming today. After all these years. And boy, I’m happy!

Or, am I?

Why shouldn’t I be? I mean he’s my childhood friend.

Make that was.

The one I grew up with. The one who was my partner in crime.

The one with whom I frolicked around these cobbled pavements, escaped behind its stony walls, discovered secret caves and centuries-old hot water springs.

The one who played Cupid and helped me navigate past the byzantine lanes that led to my first love.

The one who later stole her from me and flew off, leaving me gazing at the stars.

©neelanilpanciker2017  #FF #100words  #fiction

27 thoughts on “neelwrites/FF/amihappy/30/06/2017

  1. Dale

    Oh the bastard!
    Well done, Neel!


  2. michael1148humphris

    Sounds like he is a double edges swords

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    1. Indeed, he is a double edged sword, could swing either ways. Thanks Michael for hopping by and the comments.

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  3. Yep, I think perhaps he should be rethinking just how happy he is unless he’s plotting revenge.

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    1. I guess it is the latter. Thanks Sascha.


  4. Rotten guy. Maybe she left him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, maybe it is better he did that.


  5. Ohhhhh, BOY!!! Do I know that feeling!!! The confusion of best friend/ingrate!

    Neel, you ROCKED this one! Congratulations! Well-done!

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    1. I guess it is feeling common to most of us if not all. Thanks for your fulsome praise. I value them a lot.


  6. Moon

    Such betrayers.
    Nice story, Neel.

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  7. Dear Neel,

    Ah friendship. It is a wonderful thing until a third party wedges between the two friends. I wonder how the visit will go? Wonderfully written.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, i too wonder on the same. Will there be fireworks? or else? Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Rochelle.


  8. Yes, tha’s going to be an interesting encounter! Definitely mixed emotions for both of them. Nicely crafted Neel

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  9. How dare he! Cheeky bastard!

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  10. Good on him for meeting the person who caused him so much pain. I’m not so sure I would be so forgiving. :o) Nicely done.

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    1. It takes a certain person to be forgiving. Thanks for the appreciation.


  11. Ours had a similar theme this week! Nicely done. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Clare. and yes i noticed that. Well done to you too.


  12. Neel, I truly think this is one of your best pieces. I REALLY like it.

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    1. Oh, that is very nice of you to say this. Thanks a lot for the appreciation. I really value this, Alicia.

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  13. I wonder if she is coming along too? Nice take on the prompt Neel.


  14. A lot of mixed emotion in this reunion. The passage of time should help with the forgiveness. I agree with Alicia. I thought this was one of your best too.


  15. “The guy who took my girl from me. The first thing I do when I see him is break a chair across his teeth.” -The Protagonist probably


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