FFfAW Challenge-Week of June 13, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

I climbed up the hill and suddenly, all of a sudden, encountered this massive beast of a castle, its stony blackish exteriors glistening against the golden rays of the setting sun.

For once language failed to describe what I saw. The closest I had come to anything as huge as this was the two storied ‘White House’ with its fronted lawns and three rectangular windows peeping out of a flower bedecked balcony that stood at the extreme corner of our otherwise spartan neighbourhood and which we as children  used to stop by and gawk at while on our way to the only school in our remote West Bengal village.

I stood there, transfixed and utterly petrified, my benumbed brains trying  to make some sense of this colossal structure that was so reminiscent of those ferocious monsters that attacked me in my torturous dreams, its looming turrets, towers and ramparts leaping out like long nailed poisoned claws ever ready to jump and draw the breath out of my being.

It was then that I saw it; the half opened side gate and spiked on its iron bars, a man’s blood splattered head.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #FFfAW #fiction


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