Sunday Photo Fiction – June 11th 2017


SPF - June 11th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

Life for Abdul Sattar was a two player game of chess; his opponent, the whole wide world.

Abdul played his part with great zeal and cunning; winning being his whole sole motive.


Losing, for him, was never an option. The vicissitudes of fate had ensured that.

Splitting points reserved only for weaklings.


A child of a Lesser God, life’s cards were all stacked against him.

Minus the love and support of non-existent parents, he started out as every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s  favourite lamb, ever ready for slaughter.

Bullied, abused, beaten, threatened…he had seen, felt and experienced it all before one could spell bingo.

At an age when children were meant to be in school and mastering the three Rs, our man had his first brush with the law. His crime: stabbing to death his violator.

By the time he stepped foot into the tenuous teens, he had learnt enough about first moves, split second openings, deft maneuverings, tactical retreats, left flank slices and brutal frontal attacks to end up as the lord of the rings, the undisputed master of the game.


It was then that he met the queen.

It was checkmate time.

Overnight he turned from king to pawn.

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12 thoughts on “neelwrites/spf/chess/fiction/shortstory/200words/11/06/2017

  1. A dramatic loss. Nice take on the prompt 🙂

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  2. Great analogies Neel. I like it.

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  3. Women have a way of doing that to a man. 😉

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    1. Yes, they do. Thanks James.


  4. Dear Neel,

    Meeting the right woman (or even the wrong one) can be the game changer. I love your use of metaphor and analogies.



    PS I think you might mean ‘stepped’ into his teens rather than ‘steeped.’ 😉


    1. Ah! I just overlooked that one. Thanks for pointing it out. And thank you, dear Rochelle for your appreciative words. Coming from you, they mean a lot.


  5. Well done and very intriguing. It might take me a while to decide what actually happened in the end.

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    1. I deliberately left the end a bit open ended, leaving Abdul’s fate a matter of conjecture among the readers. Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Athling.


  6. Good writing, Neel. I like the way you slipped the chess terms in there. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  7. mandibelle16

    Very nice. A truth in life? The kings weakness is his queen? Well written.

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