By Neel Anil Panicker

For Anita life could be neatly divided into a before and an after.

In the before she was this inveterate prankster, ever effervescent and cheerful, drinking to her heart’s content life’s intoxicating nectar, rifling through life, studying, reading, sleeping and when awake, ever plotting, planning, devising one Machiavellian act after another, all pretty much harmless and expected of any pimply, gauche fifteen-year-old blessed with parents who would steal the moon for her.

But then fate struck its cruelest blow when one dark forlorn weather beaten night the world came crashing down on her; in a tragic car accident she lost the love of her lives, her dear parents.

For months thereafter, pushed to the brink of madness, she found herself locked inside her room, windows closed and curtains drawn, while her shell shocked heart drowned in a bottomless well of sadness.

Eons later when the tears had all dried and there were no further memories left for her to be buried, she got up, drew the curtains aside, opened the windows, and let the sun fall on her tear-swept once cherubic face.

This was her after; she resolved then and there that she was going to take charge of her life, was going to make the best of it, for herself and more importantly, for the sake of her loving parents whose dream it was that their only child one day grow up to be a global world peace leader.

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