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By Neel Anil Panicker

My slumberous self wakes up in spiteful sweat, stony eyes locking horns with walls that mirror my lonesome existence.

And then it begins, the hallucinations, one of those slow moving Victorian horror shows, reel after torturous reel unspooling in stark black and white.

That’s when I smell and see, the nauseating putrescence, followed by the hellish spectre; a  blackened doll, its grotesque innards; lips, half opened, as if  wanting to say something; eyes, two black buttons staring into space, the face, a question mark.

It’s hers, my little one’s, all of four, put to sleep by a mad man’s bomb.

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38 thoughts on “neelwrites/FF/sleepingbeauty/fiction/shortstory/100words/31/05/2017

  1. Oh, how I hated to like this, Neel. It is soooo sad. Brought tears to my eyes in sympathy. So, totally understand the emotions behind this. Have seen too much violence in my life. Well told.

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    • I hated too, to write this. But it was brutish tale that needed to be told, if only to expose the diabolic designs of certain evil forces that are threatening to take over and crush peace and love.
      Thank you for the appreciation, Jellico


  2. Neel, this prompt was too graphic for me and I struggled with a response. The doll looked too much like a dead baby, but possibly even more gruesome. Dolls can be very unnerving. I thought you crafted a really eerie piece here caught inbetween the horrors of nightmares and reality.
    Unfortunately, these horrors aren’t confined to our times.HUmanity and a terrible track record.
    Hope you’ve had a great week.
    xx Rowena

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