Thursday photo prompt: Derelict #writephoto


By Neel Anil Panicker

‘What do we do now? They will kill us, for sure.’

Raj cupped her face in his hands.

“Have no worries. Our love will protect us from all evil.”

Anjali’s kohl lined eyes turned moist. Tears wet her rosy cheeks.

‘I trust you more than anyone in the world.’

Tired and sleep weary, the two lovers surrendered themselves to sleep.

It was Raj who had spotted it first__a stony windowless apology of a structure, a miniature hut, an oasis around the parched landscape that they had arrived at earlier in the day.

Instinct had told him it would be ideal for them.

A torrid 48 hours had elapsed since the two escaped their village fearing the wrath of their relatives.

Anjali’s family had sworn revenge.
“You’ve brought dishonor to the family by marrying a lower caste boy. I’ll personally hack the two of you to pieces,” her hot headed brother had threatened over phone.

Within ten hours, he had tracked then down to the city and hurled petrol bombs into the rented one room house that they had been living in.

Luckily, the two had gone out to buy essentials.

Since then, with no house to go to, no relative or friend that would play host, they had taken the high road, hitchhiking their way atop sundry buses, trucks and private cars, trying to distance themselves as far away from homegrown enemies braying after their blood.

As the wintry chill set in, under the starry sky, Raj mulled his options.

©neelanilpanicker2017 #thursdayphotoprompt #fiction #shortstory #250words


5 thoughts on “neelwrites/thursdayphotoprompt/lovers/fiction/shortstory/26/05/2017

  1. I hope they found a place to call home.


    1. Thanks Jane. Yes, the second episode is out. KINDLY read and give your valuable comments.


      1. I will, Neel, gladly.


      2. I realise that the devil episode is the next one in this story. I’m waiting for episode three now!


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