By Neel Anil Panicker

Richard stared into the phone for a very long time, aeons after it had gone dead, the words of his boss__”He’s dead. Shot in his sleep. Hope it is you”__still ringing in his ears, each syllabic sound a veiled threat, a ferocious kick in the gut.

Despite the airconditioning, he found himself sweating like a pig as his mind’s video played out horrific images of sordid brutality including one in which he saw himself being mercilessly hauled up by a giant crane and thrown under a monstrous road roller that steamrolled his enviable six foot two frame to pulp, the asphalt road glistening a bloody red.

‘No’, he screamed out into the dark as his tortured mind searched far and wide__thinking, dreaming, devising, concocting, even praying for a way out of the quagmire that he found himself in.

©neelanilpanicker2017  #THE QUARRY #02 #NOVELLA CONTINUES

Read part one here

Welcome to Week 66 of Three Line Tales.

Three Line Tales, Week 66


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