By Neel Anil Panicker  (168 words)

“I am asking you one last time__is it a yes or no?”

He mulled that over while his hands turned moist, his heart beats jumping up and down like an unhinged yo yo; her palpitating breath on the other end of the line doing nothing to lessen the agony.

True, he liked her nee loved her, she being everything he had ever dreamt of in a girl but…

But what?

That she was a gorgeous looking ever bubbly girl with a great career ahead of her; or that she had a obnoxious snob of a stinking multi-millionaire for a/ father who thought of him as just another vermillion no gooder out to entrap his only daughter for the undreamt of riches that follow, or the fact that she wanted him to relocate to America so that “they could start life afresh away from this squalor and decay”.

After what seemed like a very long time he spluttered out the only words that he knew, chicken that he was__’No’.

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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

MAY 3, 2017


This week’s cue is CHICKEN.

six sentences, any genre, use the cue somehow, post and link on Thursday, hop, hop, hop.


10 thoughts on “neelwrites/sixsentencestories/168words/chicken/04/05/2017

  1. Welcome to Six Sentence Stories! You did such an awesome job of relaying his jumble of emotions which caused him to blurt out “no”! It sounds like he has some serious misgivings for perhaps valid reasons, so I’m thinking he made the better choice…. but one he probably will wonder about for the rest of his life!

    Josie Two Shoes


  2. the tip of the emotional iceberg, no? like Sixes like this, there’s situation that most are familiar with (even if not directly) and so we can identify. But it’s the ending that keeps us (the Readers) thinking past the last sentence.
    good Six

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, no, yes,no…what a conundrum is this. I have had reader friends rooting for one or the other.
      I guess loyalties are evenly split here. Thanks for the fulsome praise. I look forward to coming more often here.


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