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By Neel Anil Panicker

My slumberous self wakes up in spiteful sweat, stony eyes locking horns with walls that mirror my lonesome existence.

And then it begins, the hallucinations, one of those slow moving Victorian horror shows, reel after torturous reel unspooling in stark black and white.

That’s when I smell and see, the nauseating putrescence, followed by the hellish spectre; a  blackened doll, its grotesque innards; lips, half opened, as if  wanting to say something; eyes, two black buttons staring into space, the face, a question mark.

It’s hers, my little one’s, all of four, put to sleep by a mad man’s bomb.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

 ‘Oh! these oldies,’ Alia mouthed to herself, exasperated to the core.

It was just an hour ago when she had faced defeat at the hands of her mother.

“No ways. No ways will I allow my only child to drive down to town on her own. Besides, you go mad behind the wheels, you know”.

She knew better than to argue with that.

Only last week she had rammed Dad’s peach red Dzire straight into the neighbour’s walls. An error of judgement, she surmised.

Only that it dented the family fortune by twenty grands.

Add to that the near non-stop sermonizing juggernaut that followed about the vices of allowing greenhorns freedom excess of what they deserve.

“You could take the tram, instead.”

‘What? Tram? Give me a break mom. Trams are so passé, you know,’ Alia protested.

“Not if you are looking for love. Ask Dad if you don’t believe me.”

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By Neel Anil Panicker

  • Karl upped the nip of his National Fire Fighter Corp. Trucker Hat.
  • “Guys, it’s a Stage 4 Emergency. Check every single equipment. Nozzles, adapters. air systems, emergency medical supplies, handheld lights, monitors. outdoor warning sirens, spanner wrenches, water supplies et al. My guess is that it will take ten hours to put out the fire.”
  • ‘Sir, we’re ready’, responded his men, forty of them, all fitted in beetroot red tactical gear.
  • “Good. Group A, run and around take the left flank, top three floors. Group B, the next five, from the right, and Group C, the remaining floors right down to the basement. Get going boys.”
  • Standing a few meters away, Karl D’ Souza, on his last day of service, stared through his binoculars at the 18-storied Spiralling flares shot up through windows and rooms, the dense smokes reaching out into the skies, shrouding it in black soot.
  • His eyes fell on the 11th, it’s A Wing, the lens zooming in on a board hung on the balcony: ABC CONSULTANTS. His daughter’s office.
  • Two loud explosions rent the air.
  • He dashed into the building. He didn’t care. He’d to rescue his daughter.
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Sunday Photo Fiction May 28th 2017


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A DEVIL IS BORN      (#2 of LOVERS)  

201 05 May 28th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker

His birth heralded a death. His mother’s. The night he was born there was no electricity in his village, a remote impoverished village tucked in the back of beyond of western Haryana, the nearest medical centre some 100 miles away.

For three perilous hours Nature was at its wildest. What first began as a massive thunderstorm interspersed with staccato bursts of lightning quickly gave way to thunderous cloudbursts. Soon the skies turned pitch dark and thereafter followed four horrendous hours of torrential rains.

That night the elements collided and colluded to wreck havoc bringing in no time the village to its heels__uprooting trees, dismantling electricity poles, clogging the drains and arteries all around its decrepit lanes and bylanes sending frightened villagers scurrying back like rats into their mud roofed tenements__ waiting, wailing and praying for the nightmare to end.

Another kind of nightmare had just begun in the village headman’s house, a modest two storied brick structure, the only one of its kind in the entire village one largely peopled by Thakurs, a powerful upper caste denomination in rural India.

Three hours after the woman of the house had gone into labour, the midwife, an old septuagenarian women of myopic sight, craned her neck out of the inner room, holding in her hands a curled up white bundle.

“It’s a boy. The mother is dead.”

As the wailing died down, a young man, a red turban tied around his head, turned his attention away the hookah, blowing a thick ring of smoke into the low roofed walls, and gingerly held the new born in his arms.

A pair of bright shining eyes framed in an angelic face stared back at him, the barely formed lips curling into a half smile.

‘We shall call him Ram, the human God.’

It wouldn’t be long before his God, Ram aka Ramandeep Singh Thakur would turn into Ravan, the evil incarnate, the Devil himself.

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