A Deathly Affair  (200 words)

06 Jade M Wong 16 April 2017

Photo © Jade M Wong

By Neel Anil Panicker 

The twelve metronomic chimes of the clock on the opposite wall didn’t stir Michael.

His body lay slunk on the sofa, puny legs sprawled on the bed as if orphaned from the rest of his frail body, the eyes__half dreary, their pupils constricted to teenie weenie dots__, the iris a hard rock staring into white abyss.

Unmindful of the hours speeding by, he lay like that, comatose, his deeply scarred mind a melange of torturous memories.

Battling them was a lost cause.

How could she? How in the hell could she, his lawfully wedded wife, his Sophia betray him?

Fall into the arms of another man? And worse, even be ready to kill him, her Mike, hubby dear, the one she had fallen madly in love while in college and later married despite stiff opposition from both their families? The one for whom she once professed her love in blood, her own blood immortalized on feminine wrists?

His ears blasted once again last night’s furtive phone conversation, the one he had accidentally eves dropped upon.

“Tonight, come over and kill him.”

It was her voice_cold and inhuman.

Michael kicked the sofa and bolted upright.

‘Tonight, for sure, someone will die.’

©neelanilpanicker #SPF #fiction

Written for

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 16th 2017

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1 thought on “neelwrites/SPF/fiction/200words/18/04/2017

  1. Very good Neel. I like that.


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