Ouch! the Couch

golden pathway across the see at sunset with a bird caught in the light

By Neel Anil Panicker

‘Do you see that picture over there?’

The patient looked up at the opposite wall and nodded.

‘I want you now to close your eyes, and answer the questions that I throw at you, Ok?’

Another nod of the head followed.

‘Tell me, what do you see?’

“Err… the sea… there’s the sea.”

‘Good. What about it?’

“It’s blue, dark, purple blue, and …”

‘And…and what?’

“The waves…I see high waves…full of anger”.

‘You are doing well, young man. Is there anything else about the sea?’

“Yes, I see a boat. A small boat.”

‘What about the boat? Is there anyone on it?

“Yes, three…there are three people…a man, a woman, and a small child.”

‘What about them?’

“They are crying, holding on to one another.”

‘What do you feel? Will they survive?’

“Err…I feel they are about to die…they will drown”

‘Good, now what else do you see?’

There was a moment’s silence.

“I see the sun…it’s half, and golden.”

‘Is it setting or rising?’

“It’s setting”.

‘Ok. Over. Come to my desk.’

The psychiatrist picked a gold Parker pen and scribbled on a piece of white bond paper,

“Third Stage post trauma hallucinatory symptoms detected.

 Could be due to psychosomatically induced past regression.

Immediate and urgent 5 week/30 hour Deep Seat Therapeutic Procedures recommended.

‘Here, take this and meet Miss Molly at the reception. She’ll take care of the formalities.’

The patient smiled, nodded, and left.

Dr Albert D’ Souza, M.D. –Psychological Medicine, looked up at the cheap ten dollar photograph and muttered, ‘at 500 dollars an hour not a bad return on investment.’

©neelanilpanicker2017 # fiction # short fiction  #Thursday Photo Prompt #265 words

Thursday photo prompt – Gold #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Gold #writephoto


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  1. That is one cynical psychiatrist!

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  2. A very unique take on this prompt – well done!

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