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198 04 April 30th 2017

By Neel Anil Panicker  (200 words)


Dear You, the owner of this laptop.

I guess you’re a very powerful man.

Why otherwise would they call you Mr President?

All who come into this room including those who enter before you, those tall well built men, all curiously clad in black__black shoes, black suits, even glares, who storm in and stomp all around in their huge boots, opening doors, checking almirahs, ducking under beds, flipping pillow covers while all the while waving handheld devices that they point aggressively around every nook and corner, crevice and hole.

Thanks to them, I have been losing my brothers and sisters.

I guess it’s something to do with the colorless liquid inside those little bottles that they carry around and spray all over.

I have been lucky so far.

Call it plain survival skills.

And now let me come to the point. I have been stalking you all around this room.

Been around when you bark all those orders.

Even observed some perennial favourites__war, Mexico, pests, idiots, destruction, blacks, Indians, jobs, exclusion et al.

I know you are my type; on a mission__to make America great.

Why don’t you start from home?

Save me from these MIB.

For a start, how about a wall?

Your humble housefly.

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Written for

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 30th 2017


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Mona’s Abode

By Neel Anil Panicker

“You said you wanted to know me better. Well then, welcome to my abode.”

Mona opened the tiny two feet high metallic door and ushered Oscar in with an elaborate flourish of her long manicured hands, his golden haired head half bowed in mock deference.

Oscar smiled in response and stepped in.

In the two years of their courtship, he had been at Mona’s house on a number of occasions, though it was the first time she had invited him into the basement, into her ‘childhood den’ as she called it.

“This is where I spent my childhood, a large part of it,  at least, “Mona said, her expressive blue eyes on time travel mode as Oscar took in the minimalist ambience of the colourfully set up ‘girlie room’.

His watchful eyes took in her childhood weapons of pleasure__ cute colourful animal dolls including her favourite__the ubiquitous pink Barbie doll__scores of drawing books, crayon boxes and tracing papers that still shone hints of glitz and shine, the edges, though, slightly frayed and torn.

In the corner, beside a small folding chair, was a small collapsible bed almost pushed to the cream coloured walls that were embellished with netted sky blue curtains.

Overall, the room exuded an overwhelming feeling of utter warmth and serenity.

Oscar spied Mona from the corner of his eyes.

Her saw happy smiling eyes, a radiant face, and a bubbly spirit.

He resolved then and there to give up his criminal ways__for her, for their future together.

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Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt

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Image result for images of an Indian  village well

By Neel Anil Panicker

It’s the morning after Raghu’s landed in his nondescript village in India’s Punjab, post catching an all night taxi ride straight from New Delhi airport where he had alighted after taking a long haul flight from San Francisco, the city that enables him to enjoy the good life, the fruits and desserts of his hard earned labour as a much in demand software engineer.

Misty eyes scan lush green sugarcane fields once mere barren land and beyond that at the hill, still standing ramrod straight and flush with thick foliage, just as he remembered it back when as a mere thirteen-year-old we would frolic around with his friends, playing myriad games, hiding and chasing one another around enormous boulders and deep crevices.

Amar, Manjeet, Nikhil, Karthik, and Rishi…his best buddies of yore.

The first, he recalls, taller and stronger than all of them; the others much like him, of medium height and weight, but all united with the universal need to enjoy the littlest of pleasures that a life in a remote north Indian village could offer to impressionable, excitable teens in a world where mobile phone and television screens had not yet invaded.

And then his eyes spot it__the well; it stood there at the corner adjacent to the rice fields and abutting the lane that led to his house; a simple brick laid oblong well, an oasis of water that quenched the parched throats of all, a well that held water in its belly all through the year.

As his gaze stays transfixed on it, his mind travels back in time to one bright summer morning

twenty years ago when he had ‘mistakenly’ pushed his sister down its cavernous walls, her heart wrenching cries for help still tearing asunder his ears, her terror struck eyes piercing into his own as he helplessly watched her tiny helpless self get sucked into its deep waters.

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