By Neel Anil Panicker

Anita loved her early morning walks. It helped that her house was the last abutting the forested area that stretched out over more than a few acres and beyond leading up to the river. She would wake up at the crack of dawn, much before her parents or even her immediate neighbours, the Sharmas’, whose daughter Pia and she were best pals at high school.

Sunday morning was no different and by the time she had unlocked the front gates and stepped off into the wilderness, the first signs of dawn were threatening to pierce through the leafy spread in the sky. A slight nip in the air, though, forced her to hurriedly tuck her hands inside her jacket pockets.

She walked through the rocky landscape, occasionally taking long strides, at times even making a quick dash uphill and then resting herself atop a hard rock.

She looked up at the changing hues of the distant horizon as small little birds perched on tree tops chirped in delight on the birth of a new day.

It was then that she saw it, just a feet from where she was, to her left, neatly etched out in the dusty earth__multiple tyre marks.

She bent down to have a closer look. They were, no doubt, of a large vehicle, may be a Jeep or even a mini truck, the latter she knew of, as she had seen the same markings when the Sharmas’ were visited by their ‘relatives from town’, a boisterous group of a dozen or so city bred people including three utterly obnoxious kids, all of whom would step out of their mini truck that screeched to a halt bang outside their peripheral gates, the tyre marks a half inch deep oblong shape.

She felt the soil, it was damp. The marks were fresh, of not more than a couple of hours earlier.

Who would drive up this high and that too in the near dark? And for what purpose?

As her mind grappled for answers, her eyes fell to her right. Something was there among the bushes, half hidden from view, a shoe, perhaps.

She stepped in closer and parted the leaves and it was then that she saw it: first, a human leg and then the entire body; a male, a young man’s, with his head smashed and blood splattered all around a face that looked straight out of hell.

She ran, yelling and screaming, until she reached home.

©neelanilpanciker2017 #fiction #shortstory #ThursdayPhotoPrompt #415 words

Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Empty #writephoto



2 thoughts on “neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/Thursdayphotoprompt/25/03/2017

  1. Lovely and descriptive… then the twist 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sue, am so glad you liked it.

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