A BLOODY GAME   (250 words)


By Neel Anil Panicker

In his thirty years of policing, Inspector Vaidyanth Kamble had never witnessed anything as horrendous as this.

A mere foot from where he stood lay the corpse, or rather, whatever remained of it.

Careful so as not to disturb any footprints that may have been left behind, the Station House Officer of Kolhapur gingerly made his way around the stony square pit that lay surrounded by thick rocky undergrowth.

There, a few inches closer and, as his eyes grew accustomed to the eerie darkness that had enveloped this desolate forested strip, he saw the first clear and visible signs of the macabre blood bath that had been played out.

He saw blood, large swabs of it, that lay splattered along pit walls; he smelled freshly burnt human skin and hair; an acrid smell so awful that it reminded him of beef being fried over a pan.

Moving around the perimeters, his trained eyes took in the naked ash smeared headless body of a young man, who looked not a day over thirty, that lay spread-eagled, the legs and hands entwined several times over by a thick rope.

On closer inspection, he observed that the killer (or killers) had smashed the victim’s face to pulp, its bony exteriors crushed to a massive hollow, the shell-shocked eyes popping out of its sockets.

Kamble got up, took a few steps back, and puked into the bushes.

On very rare occasions did he ever regret joining the police force.

Today was one such day.

©neelanilpanicker2017 # fiction #shortstory #250 words

Thursday photo prompt – Spring #writephoto


Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Write Photo Prompt Challenge hosted at

Thursday photo prompt – Spring #writephoto


1 thought on “neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/writephoto/250words/04/03/2017

  1. Another tale of human darkness…


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