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Golden Days (100 words)

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

By Neel Anil Panicker

John adjusted his binoculars. The ship’s hulk came into focus.

His eyes x-rayed the disembarking passengers.

He watched their smiling visages; the rich and the pretending to be so, the young and the not so, all itching to drink and drown in an alien culture.

For them it was ‘Goodbye Andamans, Hello Sunderbans’, the Wild East.

His eyes caught a seventy something pony tailed hippie who lined up at the customs counter.

The man was holding a grey duffel bag with a false bottom.

John moved away from his hotel room window and fixed a drink.

His gold had arrived.

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A Home On Song

Photo prompt provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

By Neel Anil Panicker

“That’s my girl.”

Mohan was ecstatic.

And why woudn’t he?

It was not everyday that one’s four-year-old gets to recite an entire poem at her school’s Annual Day.

He watched her roll her eyes and pout her lips to perfectly enunciate “To fetch a pail of water”.

Who she’s inherited all this from, he wondered.

Clutching his office bag, he made his way out.

It was then that he heard her, rather her voice, mellifluous and enchanting.

He followed it to the inner room.

There she was, standing beside the bed, her back towards him, her dimpled face peeping into the mirror, and those limpid blue eyes glittering like a million stars.

In a trance, he stood transfixed, watching her as she belted out a melodious romantic number, each syllabic sound and iambic meter cascading out of her long curvaceous neck; the sound, sweet and melodious reverberating all around the amber coloured room.

He tiptoed out.

It’s in the genes, he muttered.

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…OF A LESSER GOD (200 words)

05 Jules Paige 26 March 2017

© Jules Paige

By Neel Anil Panicker

Life’s trajectories were laid out pretty early for Babloo.

Right from the time he first saw the insides of a school, he knew he didn’t belong.

To all who looked he was simply a reed thin wastrel in torn clothes, an outcaste who when he opened his mouth only stammered and stuttered.

At first they muttered but soon graduated to hurling vile invectives.

A few managed to stick for long.

Blacky, charcoal, bastard…

The last got wedged into his mind, embedded itself like a leech.

“What does that mean?”, he had asked his mom.

She knelt down beside him as if to reply, but instead, crumpled onto the floor and

shut herself to the world.

Must be tired, he had reasoned, knowing that she worked a twelve-hour-shift at the soap factory five miles away.

She didn’t last long enough after that.

Overnight, he was on the road joining other human strays.

The nights, they would sleep by the quay, snorting crack, cracking lewd jokes, the splash of the waves drowning their maniacal screams.

It was when he learnt what ‘bastard’ meant.

He stared past the long wooden bridge and vowed to himself, ‘one day he would cross over, be them.’

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