(artist: franz marc)


By Neel Anil Panicker

Forever shackled to the chains of chastity

Woman, creator of man, I am,

trapped in the burden of feminineness

floundering and plundering through life

Ever vigilant to the red hot roofs of bestiality.

Animals they are, stealthily who lurk around

waiting to lay siege to my modesty.

Spirits fail, treachery wins

dams of resistance burst forth

lose I the battle of the sexes.

Evil hands pounce my flailing flesh,

as custodians of dignity stand guard

their impotent heads bowed in shame

waiting for my naked self to turn corpse.

My pleading eyes skirt the blue above

mummified tears scream out_

is there no salvation from such eternal pain?

©neelanilpanicker2017  #poem #verse #expressionism  # 108 words

Written for

So how should you go about writing as an expressionist?
Here are a few rules (that I’m glad if you break)

Focus on a strong emotion. Love, hate, anger. Layer the poem with thick brushstrokes.

  • Write the poem in first person (or if third person try to be inside the head of your protagonist)
  • Use strong and bold “colors”, and juxtapose them to create maximum effect. Put strong and opposite images against each other. Think of metaphors to express emotion.
  • Distort the perspective. In your poetry you can do this by for instance using flashbacks in time, or maybe even walking in and out of your persona.
  • Avoid to be bound by form, but don’t refrain from meter, rhymes and the normal poetic tools.

Link up as usual, read and comment and have fun.


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