Sweet Dome, Take Me Home   ( 200 words)

By Neel Anil Panicker

“Will we fly away to our new home in this? Julie asked as she circled around the hexagonal sky blue blue dome.

An hour had passed since our arrival and there was no signs of her excitement abating.

“Momma, I have counted. There are seven of them.  Which one is ours?”

Mary glanced at me before bending down and cupping our six-year-old’s face.

‘Sweetie, does it really matter? They all look the same, don’t they?’

Julie pouted her lips, a near constant ever since we had chaperoned her to a ‘Beyonce Live’ concert.

I knew what her next words would be and quickly butted in,

”Dear, we can’t just hop onto any one. We have to wait for the lottery results”.

Now it was Mary’s turn to turn quizzical.

She bolted up. Her eyes bored into mine.

“Now what’s this lottery thing, Al”

‘Darling, there has been a change of plans. They are more people out here and less domes. They are drawing lots.’

I watched her gasp as her hands went to her mouth and she held onto Julie.


“And what”? Her words, a soft scream.

I stepped away and answered, “Each dome goes to a different planet.”

(c)neelanilpanicker2017  # fiction  # short story # SUNDAY PHOTO FICTION # 200 WORDS

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1 thought on “neelwritesfiction/shortstory/200words/02/2017

  1. Not all domes are equal then. Good story Neel. Reminded me of my daughter when you mentioned Beyoncé. Only difference being my daughter is 18 lol


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