WAITING FOR DEATH   (248 words)

By Neel Anil Panicker

Tiptoeing past the balcony, and with his body half crouched to the floor, Peter

slid his way down the stairs, and on the first landing dragged himself behind the sandstone pillars.

He needn’t have done so__the house and its surroundings were pitch dark.

He had ensured that, having turned off the lights an hour ago, moments after seeing off his wife  wife and the two kids.

“Why don’t you spend the night at Annie’s? It’s been a while since you two met”, he had suggested to Mary during lunch.

And then looking at the way she had brightened up at his words, he had added, “and do take the kids with you, dear. You know how much they love granny”.

That had sealed it. Any opportunity to meet her sister, kids in tow, pleased Mary no end.

And now, an hour after they had left, leaving the two storied mansion to himself, Peter waited, his breath on hold, as an eerie silence pervaded the place.

Emmanuel was in town. A week ago he had read of his release. A day ago he had seen a figure hurriedly retreat into the lane.

A shiver had gone down his spine. Immanuel’s parting words before the police bundled him away rang in his ears, “I’ll be back”.

His boss was not one to give empty threats. Had no mercy for double crossers.

Above, something dropped on the velvety floor. Immanuel was in his room.

Below, Peter waited, gun in hand.


Thursday photo prompt – Waiting #writephoto


Written for Thursday Photo Prompt Challenge hosteed by Sue Vincent at

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  1. Another dark and suspenseful story 🙂

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