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By Neel Anil Panicker

It was their favourite picnic spot. The two would drive down from town a mile away, usually every other week, almost always on a Sunday, when Vinod would manage to somehow steal time away from his bustling business of selling Chinese electronic products, all fancy duplicates.

After parking their car at a distance and within viewing distance, they would stroll up to a flat surface, one they had zeroed in after a few trials and errors and Rashmi approved of; lay out a thick jute carpet, and sit down for a couple of hours; the rocky ranges looming above them as if in deference, and the sun peeping through them__the only other interference in what turned out to be a welcome escapade from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It were idyllic times__she would have brought along crispy chocolate cakes, and the two would munch them alongside delectable brownies and cookies with the occasional washing down of it all by red fruit wine in glasses that the two would keeping replenishing for one another.

That is until now__until the damn decision of the government  to ban all high value currency notes.

Thanks to demonetisation, for the first time in their married lives, the Mehras began to feel conscious of the huge age difference between them.


Written for

FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 3, 2017

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 01-03 through 01-09-2017

6 thoughts on “neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/ffaw/fallofamarriage/06/01/2017

  1. michael1148humphris

    I am not sure why the demonetisation had an effect on their age difference?

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  2. Earlier when there was a lot of money the huge age difference between the two was never an issue as material happiness more than made up for the lacunae.
    But with demonetisation and a drastic drop in his business money crunch led to dissatisfaction leading to heightened noticeability of the glaring age difference adding to much discomfiture.

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  3. I like your perspective on demonetization. Nicely crafted and topical.


  4. Very sad that their marriage was mainly based on high value currency. Once that was gone seems the love between them disintegrated. Great story, Neel!

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  5. Neel, I forgot to mention that our word limit is 75-175 words. I need for people to start following that when they write their stories.


  6. I was Neel you would write more, you’re so good at it that limiting the stories even further would just be torture, if you can actually increase the word count would be a treat for your readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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