Some loss, Carlos.

By Neel Anil Panicker

Carlos’ been on the loose for eight years but he is been an embarrassment for the Indian Police for much longer_ decades rather, when I step out into the  cobbled pavement outside the hotel on my way to keep a date, one could that could very well end up as my last on this planet.

“The Royal Mile, Edinburgh. April 18. Catch me if you can.”

He had thrown the gauntlet.

I was no one to refuse.

The middle of April in Scotland is as cold as a month-old refrigerated corpse. I ignore the rising pain and hit the streets.

I crisscross the city arteries, weave in and out of both New and Old Town regular and not so regular haunts, post queries, ask the rightly worded questions, probe entire desolate stretches abutting the notorious East End industrial tenements; the fruits of labour show no signs of sprouting.

‘Bastard, is there no end to this cat and mouse game’.

The phone rings.

“I am waiting. At Malmaisson, the bar”.

‘Asshole. Doesn’t he have no manners?’

I walk towards the hotel, the Glock 23 Gen4 in my inner pockets aiding my strides.

Fifty meters ahead and the explosion happens.

“Move out. There has been an explosion. It’s the SNLA rebels. They took the bar. Everyone’s dead. All twentyone.”





What Pegman Saw is a weekly fiction prompt utilizing Google Maps. The assignment is to write a

story–150 words or less–based upon your own street view tour, using the location link provided.


Flash fiction is a valuable training tool for all writers. It helps promote clarity and precision by forcing the writer to be succinct.

A new What Pegman Saw prompt will be posted every Friday at midnight CST in the Locations section. Have fun, and do your best always.


1 thought on “neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/200wordstory/04/01/2017

  1. Dear Neil,

    A bit of intrigue in Scotland. It sounds like he dodged the bullet as we say. Nicely set up.




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