The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 19/16

Stream of Consciousness – Yes

This week Linda has given us ‘yes’ to use in our Stream of Consciousness posts. We get an extra point for starting and finishing the post by using these letters too

Why all of us must support Mr Modi, PM of India
By Neel Anil Panicker
Yes, I am short of cash to pay my cablewallah and my maid and my neighborhood pop and mom store that supplies me with my daily milk and bread and other essentials. And yes, I have stopped eating chicken or fish or other such gastronomic luxuries. And yes, I have borrowed a few hundreds (just a few, and God bless the benefactor’s soul for the sudden largesse) simply to help tide over the current crisis.
And it is not just me who is in a similar plight. As I step out of my house every day an all too familiar sight greets me all over the city, across banks and ATMs and all around including the interior arteries of every small nook and corner of this capital city. It is not just Delhi. The whole of India is lining up in long, serpentine queues that seem never to ever end.
And I can lay my last ten rupee (legal, mind you!) that the old man in a half torn betel stained shirt and matching lungi who is standing there in that queue over there; his wizened pockmarked face a picture of anxiety and extreme despair is suffering a hundred times more than you and I and all others who comprise the educated, working middle class populace of this country.
And I am dead sure he has been standing in one queue after another from the crack of dawn hoping against hope to somehow lay his hands upon a few crispy new notes in exchange for that crumpled and smudgy five hundred rupee note that he clutches in the fingers of his frail hands.
But if you look closely, burrow deep into his cataract damaged eyes, you will find that behind the outward veneer of anxiety and pain and uncertainty, there is a sense of happiness, a feeling of fulfillment, a restoration of faith and belief in the dignity of labour.
The common man on the street, those law abiding men and women who live a life of dignity, toiling for and earning their daily bread through lawful means feel happy and fulfilled; even slightly superior to all those others who have been looting and plundering and robbing the wealth of this great country of ours to fund their hideously obscene lifestyles for a lot many years while outwardly wearing the false cloaks of societal respect and dignity whilst portraying themselves as paragons of virtue.
Yes, it is for this silent, suffering majority who today line up in seemingly never ending day-long queues to get their hands on a few precious new notes that Mr Narendra Modi is batting for.
It is for the all of us lawful tax paying citizens of this country that he has come with this unique, path breaking initiative to wipe out the face of black money from this country.
The naysayers and the anarchists and the doomsday predictors among us may put forth a million reasons why this noble well intentioned measure will fail, with some even casting aspersions on the very intentions of Modi and his government.
But then, do we really care about the opinions of such ‘good for nothing’ arm chair intellectuals and these power-drunk self serving breed of politicians who know and do nothing other than to beat their chests and shout from rooftops attributing ill manner of ill conceived motives and laying about pessimistic scenarios?
My answer to that is a big NO.
Should we, instead, go all out in supporting any such noble step that at least tries in some small measure to help wipe out at least a portion of the black money component that has been the bane of the Indian economy for centuries?
If you ask me, the answer to that, as I believe it would be for all who love this great country of ours, is a resounding YES.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 19/16

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