Monday Motivations

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COME, LIGHT MY FIRE series…part two


By Neel Anil Panicker

The metal doors slammed shut and with that began the excrutiatingly slow dying out of the footsteps of the prison guard.

Within moments the long corridors that led away from the heavily fortified underground cell turned

pitch dark.

In a corner, with his back pillored to the hard stony walls, and barely inches away from an open toilet that looked like it had seen better days, sat crouched, Bob__his hairy hands forming into a pyramid that reached all the way upto his formidable forehead.

The man better known among the city police force as simply ‘The Killer’, (though out of gratitude to his other talents, they had also added an extra moniker to that: The Happy Killer) was, for the first time in his life, lost in deep thought.

Tossing his shoulder length long jet black hair aside, Bob cupped his hands over his eyes and, reprised the happenings of the previous day__the day he was caught, or more correctly, allowed himself to get caught.

Where was he? Yes, Connaught Place, Inner Circle… the zebra crossing… cars zipping by in the maddening peak time afternoon traffic. His killer eyes watching from across the road…and then he spots him… his quarry…the man__thirtyish, grey suit, bowler hat, his hands slinging a Samsonite all black leather case.

The signals turning red…people shoving past him…his hands sliding inside… fingers clasping the nine inch long push dagger knife (a gift from a fellow killer while serving time in a Brazilian prison).

The well choreographed fumble, a sudden stumble… and then… a hand over the shoulder, a sudden stab, below the chest, to the left and the body slumping to the ground. All over in less than five seconds.

Just a regular day at work… business as usual. Time to move away, melt into the crowd of footers… Then he spotted her…the girl, across the street, her eyes…something in them…a beckoning… a call…his life, his future…he stood there transfixed…lost…until they came… the police.


(This is in continuation of my earlier post ‘Come, light my fire’.) I intend to turn into a long short story/novella.)


2 thoughts on “neelwrites/fiction/mondaymotivations/bob/come,lightmyfire#02/09/11/2016

  1. Wow! What a sequel to the story! So atmospheric.


    1. Thank you Estherton for your wonderful words. I look forward to your lovely prompts as always for further inspiration.

      Liked by 1 person

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