Microfiction challenge #20: Isle of the Dead


By Neel Anil Panicker

Word count: 200 words

‘Over there, to the left, and turn off the engine. I don’t want the spirits to awaken.’

Raghav turned his gaze upwards. His eyes took in the sheer awesomeness of the structure__ the frighteningly massive, near windowless stony slab of a monolith that sprang out of the bottomless pits of the sea___its half-done roofs defiantly jutting out into the sky as if the sculptor was in a tearing hurry to leave.

‘Leave for what? And leave to where?’

“I see a place in the middle of the sea, the Devil’s abode… it rises out of the waters…there shall you go…there lies your redemption”. The Book of Occult was right then, he thought.

There somewhere behind those thickly-set cyprus trees, inside one of the many stony rooms, lay in wait the Devil’s Messenger.

“Remember, only a first born male, one who has yet to see a full moon”.

The words from the book jumped out, lashing out against the waves, echoing, and thundering all around the stony Phoenix-like tomb which rose from the sea once every decade.

Rags cradled the infant in his arms, a piece of white cloth the only protection against the Elements.

Rebecca’s baby, her first born…his nephew.

3 thoughts on “neelwritesblog/microfiction-200wordstory/isleofthedead/#02/29/10/2016

  1. Ah nasty! I’m glad you didn’t go any further with this one, Neel. The imagination fills in the blanks very nicely thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knowJane. This one had it coming. Am glad too it ended. Gory end for sure, unless there is a twist. A possible novella in the making!


      1. Why not? You could have it ready for next Halloween 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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