Picture Prompt #58

write a story in 150 words using the image below, and that begins with the open ended sentence, “Not often, but sometimes Jeremy would exhibit signs of …”



By Neel Anil Panicker

Not often, but sometimes Raghav would exhibit signs of sheer laziness. On such occasions it would not be unusual for him to lock himself up in his room, where he would stay for hours together, usually curled up in bed__the one that grandpapa had gifted him last fall on his twelfth birthday (‘Take it son. This is all that I have left for you’, were the old man’s last words before he bid adieu to this world.

Dreams: that were naughty Rag’s indulgence.

‘Son, you need to get back to studies’; ‘Shall I get you some milk’, ‘Buddy, we are going to the park, wanna come?’.

Rags, this; rags, that.

Father, mother, friends__ he heard none. Rather, preferred not to hear any.

He was a slave of his dreams where he was the master.

Raghav was living his dream and wanted it to last.

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  2. LRose

    Wonderful! Thanks for contributing.


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