Don’t ever hang up on love
By Neel Anil Panicker
I remember the moment you stole my heart
Busy I was when you slowly tiptoed in,
Furrowing deep into my weakest part
Settling in like a dateless live-in.

I remember the red hot days and the misty cold nights
Turning our lives all topsy turvy,
Every waking hour such sheer delight
Our emotions entwined and oh so curvy!.

I remember all those leaking rains
The waters dripping and our bodies drenching,
The slow washing away of all the pains
The nights when sparks flew and passions went soaring.

I remember the seconds before you stopped your breath
The midnight call and the shrieking madness,
The silent surrender and the embracing of death
Our doomed love with so much sadness.


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