Happy Teacher’s Day!
By Neel Anil Panicker
Oh, what a day it is!

It seems the entire world and its next door neighbour has gone bonkers over teachers. Look around you and you will find almost everyone waxing lyrical about this teacher or that, singing hosannas, composing poems, and even writing catchy though somewhat patchy verses in their honour.
And if all that is not enough then just have a look at the happenings in cyberspace.
Almost every single internet wall is plastered with fancy multihued expressions of love and respect for one’s teachers.
It seems all the world has suddenly turned out to shower their love on teachers.
But then cut through the merry, flurry of feel good messages such including the pretty much standard and dare I say clichéd deliveries such as “Sir, you are the best teacher I have had”, ( as if the poor being were a Domino’s Large Peppy Paneer Pizza____,double cheese and extra toppings at that).
Others which vie for honours include the very clichéd “I have learnt a lot from you, Sir”, and “Thank you sir for your timely guidance”.
I admit, the odd ones also do bring in a chuckle including the distinctly embarrassing “Sir, you are so stylish”.
So there you are, all laid bare___ the supposedly much avowed characteristics of a teacher____ the one from whom you learn; the person who gives you timely guidance; and err, also the guy who manages to do all this while still managing to remain ever so ‘stylish’.
Oh! the enormous weight that the poor soul shoulders. The burden of a million expectations riding on his ‘always there, broader than broad shoulders.
It is time we remember that today is not the day to be passed over and reminiensced as just another day when we honour the great teachers of this country; the great keepers of knowledge; the repositories and fountainheads of the most priceless wealth that any man or woman can ever hope to possess- the wealth of true knowledge.
Today is the day to dedicate ourselves not just to the noble pursuit of knowledge but also to its true dissemination.
For the true role of a teacher is not to teach but to ignite the spark of knowledge in his pupils
so that it enlightens not just their inner beings with goodness and truthfulness but also fortifies them with the necessary strength, courage, and passion to stand and make a mark for themselves so that they are able to leave their mark in this world.
Only then will the eternal flame of knowledge spread and lead us from an increasingly darkening world into the beautiful glow of light and wisdom.

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