By Neel Anil Panicker

Would I like to be immortal? The question stared at me from the computer screen the other day. My first reaction to that was, ‘what?’ and then seconds later, ‘Oh! there could be no sillier question than this’.

But then I quickly recovered and thought to myself what could be my response to this eternally bugging question: Would I like to be immortal?

Maybe. Yes, that’s true, maybe is my categorical answer.

Categorical, did I say? Pretty paradoxical, you may volley.

But then that’s because there are some things in this world that I would definitely not like to see or experience or be a part of for any more than what is my normal lifespan.

And topping such things would be the sheer crassiness, crudeness, cruelness, vevenality and vileness of man.

A close second to that would be his utter contempt for and destruction of Nature. Following that would be the massive moral degradation of societies.

Add all this up and what have you: the slow but sure turning of man into beast.

Now if that’s where we are all headed then I would definitely not want for myself the boon of immortality.

But then, maybe, there is one part of me that would like to be immortal if only to find out whether we are able to find some another planet for ourselves where we can go and live and love one another as God intended for us__ peacefully, lovingly, and happily.

But then the flip side to this is who would I share my joys with?

Maybe, I would have to go and find for myself a brand new family, friends, and build an entire ecosystem and that’s something knowing me as I do will take another lifetime.

I, then, will settle for one life, one potholed life full of rains and scams and lots of ‘wham bam, thank you mams,’ what say!


Writing Prompt #3 To be immortal


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