Might always might not be right
By Neel Anil Panicker
Strength. What is it? The very mention of this word conjures up in the mind’s a kaleidoscope of several blurred images.
The dictionary defines the word strength as a Noun__ a mass, in both concrete and abstract forms; meaning a person or thing perceived as a source of physical, mental or emotional support.
So there we have it. The word strong has several connotations.
A person or a thing could be construed as being strong in diverse ways __ in pure physical terms; in its influencing power; in its intensity; in its potency; in its ability to withstand pressure and life’s hardships et al.
Indeed, in today’s deeply schizoid, conflict-ridden fractured world, the true meaning of strenghtu, which is the Old English root from where the Germanic base form of strong is derived, needs to be understood in its pristine form more than ever before.

True strength is not about flexing your muscles or bullying others into submission or shouting from the rooftops in a crude jingoistic display of false bravado and misplaced machismo. All, simply because one happens to be a part of the brute majority.

It is time we go for a makeover and junk all such antediluvian masochistic Darwinian dictums while remembering that ‘might always might not be right’.
Therein lies our true strength.

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