By Neel Anil Panicker

Another Independence Day is upon and we are once again saddled with the ubiquitous question: how do we ring in this epic day?

Do we clap in joy and raise a toast and pat ourselves on our backs for riding the crest of a great economic wave; of having become one of the fastest growing economies of the world; of enjoying the undulating benefits of our educated and even not so educated possessing sky high disposable incomes?

Do we hang our heads in shame when we see that despite all our gargantuan progress and thunderous validation of our new and increased powers in the world  economic stage, we still manage to notch up impressive figures as far as the number and sheer scale of atrocities that we perpetrate on our very own women including brutal rape cum murders of innocents, both old and young, with many as young under a month?

Or, do we thump our chests with false machismo, tomming the glory of our great inclusive, peace loving culture while at the same time striking, maiming, killing and bludgeoning the hearts, minds and bodies of our fellow Indians all in the name of. caste, colour, or the worst of all, religion?

Independence Day is indeed an epochal moment in any nation’s tortuous time line leave alone India but today 69 years since tasting freedom after having been under the yolk of British imperialism for several centuries, it is time for us to ring in this momentous occasion by pledging to free India and all Indians from the perils of following the narrow sectarian paths of meaningless parochialism, casteism, regionalism, and even nationalism and, instead, aim for inclusivism and constructivism; to commit ourselves to the higher ideals of humanism; to turn a little more humane; a little more caring towards our fellow men and women and help join hands to alleviate the sorrows and sufferings of millions who even now, quite unfortunately, constitute the deprived sections of society.


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