By Neel Anil Panicker
May be. Two words that truly stump me. What do they mean? The dictionary has it that maybe is a
is a verbal construction formed of the modal may and the verb be.
Still further, maybe is an adverb, meaning perhaps or possibly.
Which means one can use it in a sentence.
I may be right.
Or even as an adverb. Maybe, I am right.
Either this or that. Or maybe, a bit of this and a bit of that.
Look, I am a totally straight guy and am slightly wary of those who aren’t and “may be” certainly qualifies as one as it swings both ways.
Need some proof? Here we go.
Look no further than our very own Arvind Kejriwal, the luckiest politician of the country, leave alone one enjoying the privilege of being the chief minister of arguably the most politically volatile Union Territory of the country.
For the record, may be is as different from maybe as is Modi’s style of governance from that of Kejriwal’s. What to speak of style, the latter does not even have, so to speak, a government to govern.

For isn’t it true that any such delusions he did have were very unambiguously struck down by the courts who have ruled that in the jung for Delhi, there is only one winner—-the redoubtable Jung, pun intended.
May be they are right or maybe they are wrong.
So there you go.
We, the denizens of Delhi are stuck again because these two words could still change the contours of this musical game of politics and turn the tide back in Khujriwail’s (mispelling intentional) favour once again.
Talk about the cat with nine lives.
Clearly, maybe, cats and some men have no character.
But before you again raise your arms in protest, all this is just may be.
Anything but these two words that so surely hold out the firm promise that they are not going anywhere.
But then the flip side to this is that with these two words you never know whether you are coming or going.
Well let’s play around with this some further.
Say Donald Trump, despite all his grandiose stupidities and megalomaniacal delusions and ribald sexist jokes and anti this and anti that rantings and ravings manages to win the US Presidential elections and hoists himself onto the most coveted chair, that of the most powerful man on this planet.
May be, but still a may be.
Now if that becomes a reality, however difficult for quite a few of us to imagine leave alone digest, then what?
Well, he can go ahead and prove himself and the rest of the sane world who certify him as insane right by doing everything wrong like building a Great Wall of America extending from right across the Mexican, Canadian, and if that were possible, even the European borders.
Remember, his hatred for all things Asian especially Indian can only be rivaled by his hatred for all things British.
Or may be, the outside possibility, but still a possibility, that he proves himself and all other insane people of his ilk wrong by turning out to the greatest president and world leader the world has ever seen.
Now, that’s what I call a real may be. Maybe I should rest my case here.

Neel Anil Panicker
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