By Neel Anil Panicker

I will start with something that all of us have an instant connect with—-Bollywood that is.  The very word does ring a bell, doesn’t it?  And indisputably, that bell does ring beautifully. No two thoughts on that.

Everyone is head over heels in love with the movies, including and especially so of the Bollywood song and dance variety. And that includes almost the entire Hindi speaking populace of India and arguably the rest of the rich multi-lingua-cultural fraternity there is that together constitute the fabulous idea that is India; those who do and those who do not know Hindi language as fluently as do their brethren north of the Vindhyas.

The pan India mantra it seems is : show us a hot Bollywood dance number and then see us dance to our hearts’ content.

bollywood dance

And like with all other things about us Indians, we will bring in our own spice and elements to that dance number. Oh! Did you hear that before, dears_ though very few of us can claim to be direct descendants of Micheal Jackson, we can move and shake our booties like no other being on this wide, wide planet.

Our jugaadu trait (another Indian invention)stands us in good stead when it comes swinging bout our feet and legs even if some us clearly our people with two left feet.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

Just attend a typical North Indian wedding or for that matter even a simple typical middle class bridal engagement and you will know what I mean.

The guy or even the gal who gets the most seetis (whistles, for the uninitiated!) is not the one who looks like he can give the reigning king of Bollywood dancing Rithik Roshan a run for his hard earned money but that teenager in the horrendous red shirt and psychedelic translucent low waist pants who is twirling and twisting all over in a 360 degree arc—his reed thin hands and legs moving around in a maddening hexagonal display of pyrotechnics that has all the men and women swooning over him even as the band master and his multi hued assemblage of garishly dressed artists up the ante by belting out the latest party chartbuster DJ Wale Babu Mera Gana Toh …

You get the picture, then. The verdict on this one is out: dance or no dance, as long as there are Hindi movies and dance numbers to entertain us come every Friday, we Indians will dance_ whether we know how to shake our legs or not; with shoes or without; with music or without; and might I add with or without our girlfriends/ boyfriends/partners/colleagues/better halves or whoever is else is our current centre of attention.

And if none were available, we will for sure hit the floor, and for us, as is true for all lovers of Bollywood’s famous latkas and jhatkas, the floor could even be the ubiquitous bathroom floor.

So what say, all ye guys and gals!

Open the taps and tap on to your heart’s content. Jhakkas to that!



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