quoteDear Bloggers and Friends,

Life is a never ending journey of discovery and as we traverse through it we encounter a multitude of varied and varying things, incidents, feelings, and most importantly people whose sights, insights, and foresights help us as we (wo)manfully shift gears, hurtling from one milestone onto to the other as we try and make sense not just of our inner selves but of the world around us.

Helping us in this noble quest are words. Words and their palliative powers help us figure out a pragmatic solution in tiding over the never ending fusillade of problems that beset man at various stages of his life.

They not only educate and motivate us but also, and most importantly, inspire us to further heights;  hence are omnipotent in their effectiveness and role in mankind’s evolutionary process.

Pray, for what’s life without some inspirational words that help us in our overall growth, understanding and development.

And what better way to get inspired than to read and thereby experience the power of words in transforming our lives and making them one better than what it were.

As part of that noble quest, I am kick-starting a new series entitled-


Here is the first one:

# 1  “The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is occupation.

The above is a quote by the British playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw. Shaw, in his seminal treatise “Parents  and Children (1914), Children’s Happiness.

And how true, I must say. Look around you and you will find an army of miserable people, people who wallow in self pity; people who like to draw pales of sorrow from the wells of others’ happiness.

These are people who are sad and depressed and dejected not because they are not of any worth or that they not have any work but only because they labour under the utterly fanciful and so obviously false belief there is no work worth their while.

And so such a person while away his or her precious life simply ambling, tumbling, mumbling , grumbling, rumbling and fumbling several times over doing nothing better than peering and peeping into the lives and happenings of others with the sole purpose of comparing their happiness and success with his or her and , and then most tragically doing nothing but getting unhappy over his ‘supposedly’ unhappy life.

An effective anti-dote to all this untold and definitely uncalled for suffering would be for such a person to instead busy himself with his life by immersing himself in his work to such an extent that he or she does not even have an iota of time to think about others and their happiness.

Such a man or woman then becomes happy simply by being burdened by doing do much as to not have  enough ought time to even figure out whether he is happy or not.

So, then there you are, the secret of happiness : BE BUSY, HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW  




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