From Neel Anil Panicker



I am back and how.

I am no longer in the now; still in a state of wow.

Hey, folks! Don’t get me wrong and pardon me if I sound a little wobbly, groggy and

decidedly off tangent.

Blame it on my brief hiatus from civilisatioin.

I have survived.  And am now living to tell the tale.

A full three weeks of living sans the constant buzz of phones, internet and Whatsapp messages, Twitter feeds, Facebook Time Lines.

Oh! what a life have I lived.

No googling, just ogling!

I have been a visual stalker,  the very best as they come.

Ogling to my heart’s content at Nature’s wondrous  beauty.

Yeah, I can say I have lived my life in these  21 calendar days.


Hey, am too tired, zapped,  bedazzled and zozzled to even put together  for you my experience. It is too early.

Too lazy to even sort out the pictures that sit on my heavily exercised smartphone memory chip.

Besides, first I need to sort my brain cells into order; allow it to slowly adapt to the rigours of modern day civilization.  I need to slowly condition myself to accept the harsh and deafening if not deadening reality that I am back in this man made world of bricks and mortars and clicks and mouses__ miles and miles away from the spectacularly eclectic grandeur of natural habitats where life moves at its own languorous snail pace; where days__ languid and laidback as they are__,  compete for peace time glory with luminous nights lovingly enveloped in a thick opaque blanket of heavenly stillness.

So dear friends, don’t ask me where I went  for it is pointless and thereby utterly meaningless.

For if I blurt out Bangalore ( oops Bengaluru), Ooty, Coonoor, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Quillon, Chenganoor , Goa , Mysore _ oh what a whirlwind stop was this!_ you may get the concrete trajectory of my travels but you will not be able to grasp the sheer abstractness of my journey.

For guys, isn’t travel for most of us is to go from Point A to Point B and maybe Point C, and then may be a few more points?

But to undertake a journey is a different ball game altogether.

It’s all about going from Point A to nothing.

Yes, you heard me right! To go from Point A to nothing.

I did not travel to any one place. I undertook a journey.

Journeys are about letting  go, about shedding  our inhibitions, about  standing  in front of the mountain or the sea or the sheer dense vastness of Mother Nature and then experiencing  that singular moment of Revelation; a revelation that hits us with the numbing reality of man’s existence, which is that at the end of the day, all men and women ( including those with super inflated egos and highly deflated hearts) are but mere specks, tiny miniscule atoms that will ultimately turn to dust.

In that way, I can say that this journey  into the soul of my inner nothingness has been successful but then, albeit, as they say with all ventures,  it is still a work- in- progress and to quote a line from that great English poet Robert Frost

The woods  are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep.   




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