By Neel Anil Panicker

Rock bottom. Two words that signify despair; utter hopelessness.

The very mention of the phrase conjures up images_ all of dark, forbidding and highly pessimistic thoughts. In the mind’s eye crazily despondent thoughts swim and swirl all around forcing the senses into numbed submission.

Both men and women in equal proportion have experienced what it means to have hit rock bottom.

I am no exception to that aphorism. In fact truth be told I have hit rock bottom not once but a hell of a lot many times.

The very fact that I am here, alive and writing this piece shows that I have seen hell and survived it enough, just about enough to come back and tell the tale.

But then to each his or her own. What is good (or as in this case) bad for the gander need not be for the goose. Rock bottom means different things to different people.
To the man on the street who you see eking out a living by begging alms all his life, rock bottom could mean government issuing a order and/or the civic authorities cracking the whip thereby leading to a blanket ban on begging in all forms.

What then does this poor man–illiterate and unskilled to boot–do to in order to merely live through each day of his life on this planet?

Steal, loot, mug, kill —what?
And if he is the moral type not willing to stray too far from the ethically, morally and legally right path, then pray, what other options does he have?

We can say then that here is one person who truly has hit rock bottom!

Here, I must confess that though there have been several horrendously terrible times in my utterly disbalanced life when I have or so believed to have reached a point of no return, I have never ever hit as low, as rock bottom as that beggar on the road.
And for that I have only God to be thankful about.

So, to all who loosely bandy around this word when faced with the slightest of setbacks, my humble submission is to take a leaf out of the hapless beggar’s book and simply refuse to hang in the towel despite having hit ‘rock bottom’ for guess what, from here on the only way is up.

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