Go green with …

By Neel Anil Panicker

You and me

And no envy

But half the world is them.

Men and women

who know and do nothing

but while away their lives

working up piles and piles

of envy towards the other halves

whose only fault lies

in the fact that they force their butts or brains

or whatever it is that they have in plenty

and day in and day out toil

unless others who recoil

and do nothing but green with envy.

Image result for a jealous woman

Methinks they make a perfect pair

__ those who have it and flaunt it

     and those who want it but just can’t.

They beautifully coexist- the two,

feeding on the other for succor and sustenance,
pretty much inseparable,

like Siamese twins, what say!



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  1. Hi Neel, I have been reading some of your stuff and I am getting a good feel as of the type of writing you do. Thank you for volunteering to be interviewed by me and my new series “interview with a blogger” I will be composing your questions soon. Have you used Google docs? I just ask because I will need you to copy and paste my questions there and then answer them there. And then send me the file in an email. Do you want me to include instructions on how to do that or are you familiar with this type of thing enough that you can do it? Either way is fine just let me know via email your answer to include Google docs instructions with questions. Or, if you would like just reply here and I will get it. This will be a fun process but a timely one so bare with me please. Thanks again for volunteering for this series…..Your friend Annette


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