By Neel Anil Panicker

What a futuristic word is that and that too posed to one who is yet to get a hold of his present.

Legacies are left by those who have a body of work and definitely not by one whose body works day in and day out in a vain bid to keep body and soul together.

If legacy is the act of remembrance, tell me who leaves behind a legacy and how and for what should they be remembered?

Would future generations remember the legacy left behind by Dr Vijay Mallya, the King of Good Times, for living  a rollicking life and then finally rolling off to more greener pastures after rolling away (or make that flying away in first class jet comfort) with over Rs  9000 crores of the hard earned money of the Indian tax payers?

Or, the one left behind by an impoverished debt-ridden 36-year-old Sukhdev Gite, the farmer from Talegaon-Rohi village, a remote hamlet in Nashik, Maharashtra  who rolled out of this world after being unable to pay back the ‘royal’ sum of Rs 25,000 that he had taken as a loan to till his own land?



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